Audio Division

Business Scope

Traditional audio, intelligent audio, and new technology audio

The audio division is committed to the R&D for the integration of technology, product, and content in traditional audio, intelligent audio, and new technology audio. All core members of the management who have the background of leading enterprises in the industry and more than 15 years of industry management experience are capable of global vision and other leading core competitiveness.

Now, the R&D team includes ID, CMF, electronic design, structure design, embedded software design, Android application, IOS application, photothermal design, graphic design, wireless design, interconnection design, power supply design, and other complete professional development groups. It is high-quality R&D personnel that makes Fenda audio team's R&D system for fast response and efficient development. It has many national patent technologies in audio technology application.

R&D Scope

The audio R&D team consists of more than 200 experienced core R&D personnel, with a reasonable allocation of professional and functional personnel able to create a volume of more than RMB 3 billion turnovers.

It takes a leading position in audio and related areas in terms of R&D testing, patent contributions, industrial standards formulation, etc.

It has created a management mechanism suitable for the R&D team under Fenda's characteristics. Therefore, Audio Division's delivery efficiency and quality are improved.

With the expansion of R&D, Audio Division has gradually become the leader of the traditional speaker, intelligent terminal, health and environmental protection, IoT, etc.

R&D Strength
  • 01
    Fenda has the membership of Dolby, DTS, HDMI, Bluetooth SIG, WPC, MFi, and other technology alliances.
  • 02
    Fenda is of rich experience and technical reserve in audio, RF, hardware, software, structure, mold, graphic design, and application, etc.
  • 03
    We also have abilities to independently develop top audio, intelligent terminal, wireless communication technology application, high-power power supply technology application, sensor technology application, wireless charging/fast charging technology application, environmental protection technology application, and other solutions.
  • 04
    We are equipped with rich R&D equipment and facilities, as well as the anechoic chamber, Klippel analysis system, microphone analysis system, the comprehensive tester in line with international standards.
Production Cost
Material procurement

Fenda implements a bidding procurement system to ensure to acquire competitive prices and services by carrying out bidding procurement for standardized materials.

In IPD management mode, it further implements the PPL project responsibility system in procurement, in which accurate reviews are made on material technology, supply, and price in the stages of R&D, trial production, and mass production to guarantee reasonable supplier selection for securing supply.

Deepen the supply chain reform, establish supply chain resource base and material background investigation system, increase suppliers and material reserve, meet the materials and substitute demand at all stages.

Product manufacturing

Every employee can raise rationalization proposals for improving efficiency and decreasing cost through Employee Home in lean improvement activities, and the Improvement Group who is responsible for promoting total employee participation collects, implements these proposals, accounts for improved revenue, evaluates excellent proposals for rewarding the corresponding employees.

Core Technologies
  • Implement audio processing of Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus/ATMOS, DTS X/DTS V_X, etc. in the acoustic field
  • Implement technical applications of BT, WiFi, Zigbee, Lora, NFC, NB-IoT, eMTC, 2G/4G/5G communication, millimeter-wave in the wireless field
  • Implement application scenarios of Airplay2, Multi-Room, Chromecast, etc. in the WiFi technology
  • Implement application scenarios of TWS, Mesh, CSB, MFI, etc. in the Bluetooth technology
  • Implement application layer development of SoC based on 8/16/32/64 bits, underlayer and application layer development based on Linux/Android system, development based on Android/iOS/Windows system Apps, algorithm development in software field
  • Implement multilayer high-speed PCB design and simulation, complex mixed-signal PCB design and simulation, large scale integrated (LSI) IC application, large-scale integrated circuit design and application in hardware field
SMT automatic workshop

12 full-automatic high-speed SMT lines capable of picking & placing 18 million elements per day, with a monthly output of 500 million.

General assembly workshop

Include 150 full-automatic ATS test equipment, 20 automatic production lines, 22 lean production lines.

The general assembly workshop can produce 60,000 AI-series audio with/without screen per day, with a monthly output of over 1.2 million.

The company has a land area of 170,000m2, allowing it to build new production lines within two weeks.

Audio Division strives to create independent ID design, hardware platform, software platform, which can provide cooperative enterprises with one-stop services from ID creation to production. Fenda has cooperated steadily with both domestic and foreign corporate giants at present. As a premium supplier of traditional audio, intelligent audio, new technology audio products, Fenda has provided customers with premium products with higher market reputation in the industry.