Electrical Division
Fenda's originality and customer group
Since the establishment of Fenda Haircare in 2004,we have maintained cooperation with the TOP 10 leading brands in the global haircare industry. Fenda's hair products have been exported to North America,Europe,South America,the Middle east,Japan and other countries and regions. Besides, Fenda's hair straightener have ranked NO.1 in export for 6 consecutive years. Fenda Haircare always drives development with innovation, leading the industry with innovation. More than 90% of the products are designed and developed by Fenda. And we are very proud that Fenda's innovation ability always ranks No.1 in the industry. Over the past 20 years, Fenda haircare group has always been in line with the original intention of solving customers’ pain points, benefiting customers with its sincerity and providing customers with comprehensive solutions. Fenda always focuses on long-term strategic partnership with its customers and growing together.
  • One mission
    The innovation principle purifies the minds of millions of innovators.
  • Four ideals
    All-involvement innovation, total quality management, total cost-down, all-staff study.
Major Products
R&D Team

Fenda hair care R&D team involves ID design, structure, electronic software/hardware, hair dryer heating frame design, CMF research of hair straightener, hair curler, hair dryer, hair straightening brush, hot air brush and other healthy hair products. The engineer number of haircare R&D team is over 150. Fenda adopts IPD system for project management , and PLM, K3 system management tools, as well as thorough testing verification equipment and quality assurance systems for product development and quaility control.

Fenda's yearly output of new project is over 100pcs, which mainly comes from Fenda's innovative proposals. Fenda also has a dedicated innovation team, who focuses on innovation. So far, Fenda haircare team has obtained more than 300 patents. Guided by research and development of healthy, intelligent, safe products, Fenda mainly produces high-end, professional salon health appliances , and later it has also extended to the household market. All the products are exported to high-end brands all over the world.

Automation + Lean Thinking
Fenda is devoted to build a lean workshop with high efficiency, high production capacity and low cost. The production line could be customized for different product types , which has high flexibility during actual production. So far Fenda haircare group has 48 sets of fully automatic equipments and 31 sets of semi-automatic equipments, including automatic component processing and assembly, automatic testing machines with patent, automatic screw machines, automatic welding machines and so on. Fenda has realized 40% mechanized operation in the production line. By 2021, Fenda has 467 sets of machining equipments, which brings a 20% growth of production capacity. Fenda will keep investing on automation and Lean production continuously.
QA: high quality product
Besides automation and lean thinking, Fenda is also committed to producing high-quality products. Fenda has complete and regulated quality organization structure, process, detailed quality inspection station, strict quality sampling standards and professional facilities and equipments to guarantee the quality.
High Quality

Mindset: Company Wide Quality Control

Environmental quality control/material quality control/process control/test control/staff training

Professional DQ team to manage the quality risk in the early development stage

Professional SQE team to manage the quality risk from supply chain


Continuous improvement and optimization on quality

Testing Lab: Comprehensive Laboratory (1P), with various of approvals like European IEC60335-1, iec60335-2-23, American ul859, ul1727 and csac22 2 No.36, Japan jis-9613, China GB4706 1,GB4706. 15

Company Wide Innovation

Everyone could be an innovator. The mission of Fenda is to help millions of innovators to purify heart-mind and succeed in both business and life. At the same time, Fenda also provides employees with a complete platform, a full - fledged system and various of incentive mechanisms and policies for innovation.

Company Wide Quality Control

Fenda set up the special training system, communication mechanism, assessment and promtotion mechanism, etc  to ensure that:

all employees could participate in quality construction and improvement;

quality awareness runs through the marketing, research and development, production, supply chain and after-sales process;

the concept of quality extends from design to automation and lean production.

Company Wide Cost Control

Take Fenda's cost center as the platform, everyone could participate in the cost design, reducing the cost but maintaining the high quality;

Amoeba Operating is applied into various of units and everyone could be the entrepreneur.

Company Wide Learning

Take MingDao College as the learning platform, Fenda provides free opportunities for employees to learn great Chinese traditional culture, various of knowledge and skills, and how to apply what they have learned into their work and life. More importantly, it helps every employee to find the meaning of work and life, and achieve both material and spiritual harvest.