Social Responsibility

Mutual Fund
Fenda Technology Mutual Fund

To make Fenda a happy home for the employees, Fenda Technology established the Mutual Fund in 2010. Under the fixed funds and a dedicated account, the Mutual Fund acts as an aiding platform for employees and their families who suffer from serious illness. The employees in difficulty can apply for a relief fund that can be granted after review by the fund committee.

Since the Mutual Fund of Fenda Technology was established, it has helped more than 100 people with a total amount of over RMB 1 million, making it an important guarantee for employees in need.

Great love is limitless. Mutual assistance can not only help employees in need with their lives but also reflect the high level of corporate mission and social responsibility of Fenda Technology. "Mutual assistance" is the traditional Chinese virtue and "People oriented" is the essence of the corporate culture. Fenda Technology is deeply aware of its social responsibilities, taking all employees as the most valuable asset and wealth of the enterprise. Therefore, the company provides every employee with the best development environment, salary, welfare, humanistic care, and helps every group or individual in difficulty.

The Mutual Fund reflects the love of the whole Fenda and is the embodiment of people-oriented values, selfless dedication and development-shared-by-all spirit.

Social Welfare
Fenda Technology Social Welfare

As a member of society, Fenda shoulders the dual-mission of developing the economy and promoting social progress. Since Fenda Technology was founded, it has taken the sound development of society as its own responsibility. It concerns the vulnerable groups in the society, vigorously assists the social public welfare undertakings, consciously fulfills the social responsibility, and promotes the harmonious development of the society. Over the years, Fenda Technology has continuously donated to old people's homes, children's welfare homes, schools in mountain areas, people in straitened circumstances, public welfare organizations, and disaster areas.

During the epidemic, the chairman Fen XIAO led Fenda Technology to quickly establish dual purchase channels both at home and abroad to buy over a million pieces of anti-epidemic supplies and send them to the anti-epidemic frontline. Up to now, the Fenda has won the honors such as the "Charity Enterprise Award", "Passion World Expo Charity Enterprise", "Top 100 Charity Enterprises in Bao'an District of the First Session".

"Silent love, self-discipline, social commitment" is the responsibility and feelings of Fenda Technology. With gratefulness Fenda Technology will always be a charity actor and love communicator on its way forward.

Tomorrow, Fenda Technology will, as always, care about and support the development of public welfare, culture, sports, and education. Meanwhile, it will never stop making adjustments and innovations in the development, value product quality, improve service level, benefiting employees and society alike.