Employee Care
Fenda has established the Fenda Trade Union and the Mutual Aid Foundation. The trade union is responsible for organizing staff travel, professional course training, entertainment, Spring Festival Party, and other activities on a regular basis to enrich staff's spare time and improve their professional skills. If employees or their family is hit by unexpected changes, the foudation will provide aid such as medical benifit.
Salary & Welfare
  • Social Insurance
    Enjoy national standard social insurance, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, and housing provident fund.
  • Paid Vacations
    Enjoy paid vacations, including paid leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, spouse maternity leave, annual leave, etc.
  • Congratulations/Condolence Money
    Enjoy the congratulations/condolence money, including wedding gift money, birth gift money, relief money, disaster compensation, special injury compensation, etc.
  • Physical Examination and
    Enjoy the annual physical examination and other comprehensive medical security system.
    Enjoy in-service education and professional skills and course training introduced by Fenda.
Employment Ideality
  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
01Create a learning organization.
To promote talent growth and match the development needs between the company and individual. The talent training mode of Fenda focuses on career management and technical improvement and carries out in-service training and talent training programs for talents of different levels in management, technical and education improvement. Value new staff training, covering corporate culture, product knowledge, marketing skills, and product development standards, to help them quickly adapt to the corporate culture.
02Dual-channel for career promotion.
To identify talents and match them with positions, staff can be promoted for both management skills and technical expertise. The management positions face junior managers, senior managers, directors, senior directors, and above. With technical expertise, you will be professional/business experts through independent study and company training.
03Green home for happy work.
To guarantee a comfortable working and living environment for employees, Fenda will regularly survey the working environment. Meanwhile, Fenda will hold sports meet, Spring Festival Party, anniversary celebration, holiday travel and so on to enrich staff spare time.