• Powerful Production Strength
    Fenda Technology provides services for worldwide well-known brand enterprises such as Company H, Philips, Sony, Company A, Farouk Systems, Lenovo, Alibaba, JD.com, Baidu, with products and services sold around more than 80 countries and regions. We have established production R&D bases in San Francisco (USA), Bac Giang (Vietnam), Shenzhen, and Dongguan (China), with an annual capacity exceeding RMB 2.1 billion in 2020.
  • Drive technological innovation and upgrading
    Investing RMB 90 million in lab R&D equipment, cooperating with an elite team of 1,000 personnel in R&D Center of ITRI, innovating in IPD management mode, actively exploring and studying industrial new technologies, updating and iterating product features, upgrading product appearance, holding more than 300 patents, Fenda is committed to creating new fashionable products in electroacoustic products, health appliances, intelligent wearable products, intelligent terminal metal parts, smart door locks, wireless headphones.
  • Super vertical integration capability
    With operation experience of 28 years, wide industrial chain coverage, Fenda is capable of super vertical integration capability and provides one-stop services from ID creation to production that energizes additional values to the products. Fenda has gained insights into industry trends and quickly linked to multiple business manufacturing needs for mass production preparation.
  • Deeply advance in cutting edge technology of the audio industry
    Initiated with speaker manufacturing, Fenda is proficient in audio technology. We have built a mature and efficient R&D system in the finely cultivated fields of traditional audio, intelligent audio, new technology audio, which enables us to provide wireless solutions for mobile terminals and digital homes, including popular mainstream intelligent speakers exclusively built for Tmall Genie, JD DingDong, Best Buy, Duer, etc.
  • Quality reputation of benchmark
    By focusing on high-end premium products and strict QC supervision, our current product FFR reaches 0.5% and LAR≧98% to guarantee brand building by premium products. Staying true to the original aspiration, Fenda manufactures premium products with a worldwide reputation.
  • Focus on digital transformation
    Focus on the coordinated development of strategic industrial clusters in Fenda Hi-Tech Park, and energize the key direction of industrial development and innovation. Concentrate limited capital, human resources to focus on the digital upgrade and transformation of core businesses, speed up the cultivation of new enterprise in digital transformation.