Intelligent Division

Business Scope

Mobile health, sports & health, intelligent wearable products

With a global vision and other leading core competitiveness, the Intelligent Division is committed to the R&D for the integration of technology, product, and content in the fields of intelligent wearable, sports & health, and mobile health products.

At present, the R&D team has multiple professional development groups on algorithms, electronics, structure, embedded software, Android Apps, IOS Apps, and cloud services. It is high-quality R&D personnel that makes the Fenda audio team's R&D system for fast response and efficient development. It has many national patent technologies in intelligent wearable products and mobile health.

R&D Scope

The intelligent R&D team has trained hundreds of core R&D personnel who can make a turnover of RBM 3 to 5 billion

It has rich experience in the selection and use of advanced wearable materials.

The team has created a unique scientific coordination mechanism capable of handling orders at ten million level.

It is the standard-setter in the intelligent wearable industry.

R&D Strength
  • 01
    The team is up on the development processes, testing standards, areas of collaboration, problem-solving techniques for the intelligent wearable products.
  • 02
    It has accumulated rich project experience in the structure fields of dual-color TPU/silicone soft rubber, fluorine rubber, hard and soft rubber sleeve tablet, LDS antenna, dual-color PPG, sweat salt spray, biocompatibility materials, etc.
  • 03
    In the hardware fields of RF, EMC, and low-power chip application, the team also has abundant project experience.
  • 04
    It holds solutions and applications in independent PPG heart rate algorithm, GPS application, Appol3, Dialog and Nordic.
Production Cost
Respond to customers' needs

Respond to customers' needs, it has established a central purchase department that can maximize

Supply chain resource integration

That can maximize the supply chain resource integration, standardize the platform resources, and control the cost of raw materials.

Core Technologies
  • Heart rate detection during exercise reaches the medical grade
  • Sleeveless blood pressure measurement technology
  • PPG blood glucose trend measurement
  • Monitoring of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Detection and prediction of atrial fibrillation

The coverage rate of automation is more than 90%

With a single kind of product monthly yield breaking through 1.2 million.

With self-developed core algorithms, APPS, cloud computing, Fenda Technology can provide cooperative enterprises with one-stop services from ID creation to production. Fenda now has cooperated steadily with both domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, such as Philips and Company H. As a premium supplier of mobile health, sports & health, intelligent wearable products, Fenda continues to provide customers with premium products with a market reputation to be at the forefront of the industry.